A Tip Of The Pain

100 years ago, they invaded African soil with their selfish interests and every necessary apparatus when the world was yet to discover its potential. The able men, the intelligent ones, and the hefty guys among us were transported to western nations through the sea with the aim of strengthening their industrialization manpower and leaving us handicapped.

The slave trade became their latest means of generating income. Everybody was under their torture and control. Your opinion won’t count; it’s either you remain silent or you talk and die. Through indirect rule, most of the regions were accessed, except for the Igbo tribe.

The Igbo people were known to be a tribe without a king; “Igbo enwe Eze”, the origin of their tribe, configured them that way. So it was very difficult for a foreigner to break in with an unknown system. They tried the policy of assimilation. We accepted their religion and western Education. They imposed their language on us. Years after they left our soil.